Trails Cover - print
“I am enchanted with this endearing, sassy, flirty forest trail that undulates like a belly dancer along the hillside. Winding and curving. Rising and falling. Soft to the feet, covered with the cinnamon brown needle clusters shed from trees along the way.”

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As an artist, all she wanted to do was paint and draw, but life had other plans.

To escape an abusive, cult connected, husband in Seattle she goes into hiding, allowing a government agency change her name and secure her in a safe house in the heart of the redwoods of Humboldt County, California.

Recovery and adapting to her new identity in the serenity of the redwood forest is more difficult than anyone anticipated when her ex husband arrives to hide in the rural countryside nearby.

Increased vigilance on the part of the police and her FBI bodyguards does not prevent him from beginning a campaign of terror against her and the community that shelters her. A State Police Investigator assigned to protect her is attractive and attracted, but despite the bond forming they both know this is not the time for romance – she is being terrorized and he is working to stop it.

Survival depends on her slowly developing self confidence and the awakening of an inner strength which she receives from the forest.