Trails End

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Trails End Cover

Chas Bingley hasn’t changed.

His new job as a Ranger at Mojave National Preserve is just a different uniform on the outside. His heart remains true to the artist he had been assigned to protect from a stalker in the redwoods of Humboldt County.

Three years after she ghosted from his protection and went into hiding, he learns this brilliant woman he cannot forget is living in Las Vegas and owns an art gallery there, just hours away.

And she possibly remembers their time together.

Seeking her out to watch from a distance, reassuring himself she is well, he finds she is eager to renew their relationship.

In the end, his survival ultimately depends on her strength of character.

His happiness depends on her trust and love.

But first she must face down her fears in a very real and physical form.

This is the Romantic Conclusion of Trails.